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Nairn Harvesters Limited has been manufacturing grape harvesters and vineyard equipment for 17 years, with around 380 harvesters in service throughout the USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The products have a reputation for strength, reliability and quality. The company is renowned for innovation, service and integrity.


2680 in the USA.
To me the 2680 is the best self propelled 4WD grape harvester that I have seen and operated. We bought our first 2680 for the 1997 harvest in Napa and Sonoma counties. The day after it arrived we were in the field harvesting Chardonnay. I was very pleased with the performance - clean picking with little or no damage to the vines. During the season, we picked as many varieties of grape and type of trellis (up to 24" cross arms) as we could. The 2680 did well in all cases.
It is a very well built machine and easy to maintain. Parts are available locally and the Nairn staff were excellent on set up and start up. The harvester did so well that we are expecting our second 2680 in mid August.

Thank you Nairn Industries

J.Alex Vyborny
Vyborny Vineyard Management

680 in South Africa
I pick about 3000mt each year and have been impressed with the performance and reliability of the Nairn 680 harvester. Our vineyards are a challenge and the harvesters have stood up very well.
Service and parts through our dealer has been excellent as has been the visits by Nairn factory staff over the years. The strength, performance and support has been excellent and I would recommend the Nairn to any one considering buying a harvester.

Wilhelm Naude
"De liefde"
South Africa

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