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Aitchison has a very good reputation for building superflow HD cultivators, soil aerators and wideline cultivators.
These machines incorporate high quality materials such as bisalloy 500 steel legs, ni-hard toes and high quality spring steel tines. Clamp cast componentry is heat treated SG iron and will not fracture.

Superflows are available in 2 frame sizes with either straight legs or Lo-Draft tines. Our Earthquaker soil aerator is also available in two frame sizes with either straight or parabolic legs and disc coulter options.

The wideline cultivator is available as a 6.85M machine and incorporates the unique quadrant action lift mechanism.
The operator is able to release trash “on the go” – no need to stop.

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Earthquaker 1.83M double bar frame
Model: ST6503/04/05 Parabolic leg + disc coulter... More Info
Model: ST6403/04/05 Straight Led + disc coulter... More Info
Earthquaker 2.44m double bar frame
Model: ST8505/07 Parabolic Leg + disc coulter... More Info
Model: ST8405/07 Straight leg + disc coulter... More Info
Easyflow light tine cultivator

Model: WT6868 or WT7774

The Aitchison wideline cultivator is designed as a finishing machine for field cultivation.

More Info

Superflow HD cultivators

Model: SHDC

Aitchison Superflow is designed for the extra heavy duty jobs where a deep Subsoiler is required or for Deep ripping and cultivation.

More Info

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