Seedking Drills

The Seedking direct drill range is one of the worlds leading direct drill for contractors and heavy users.
Single disc openers are set at 7 degree castor and camber to allow for a better “cut and drive”. This method of direct seeding requires less horsepower, creates a nice firm seed bed and creates less compaction. A heavy cast iron press wheel follows the disc to close the slot.
Practical experience suggest that this method of sowing results in seed emergence of up to 50% faster than other systems.

The drills are available as gravity or air seeder models and up to 4 products (seed, fertilizer, small seed and granuals) can be sown in one pass. Fertiliser is placed next to the seed.

Aitchison Seedking drills have the ability to transfer the drill weight forward, to increase penetration into hard soil conditions, and back to alleviate deeper than required penetration into softer soils using its unique electro-hydraulic depth control mechanism.

The Seedking range outperforms the traditional triple disc system as it requires less force and weight, creates an ideal seedbed and creates better soil to seed contact with its heavy cast iron press wheels.

Aitchison Seedking direct drills are the professionals choice with the lowest maintenance requirements and unrivalled trash clearance ability.

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Seedking SK2122 Professional

Model: SK2122

This class leading contractor drill incorporates all of the best features of the SK223 but with a number of innovations to make it even more versatile and "bullet proof". Standard features include electro-hydraulic contour depth control, fold up hillside

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Seedking SK223 Professional

Model: SK223

The SK223 is New Zealands most favoured contractor drill. Standard features include electro-hydraulic depth control, hillside stabiliser wheels, metering wheel brake, Aitchisons unique seed, feed mechanism, dual roller fertiliser/seed feed system, trash

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Seedking SKA2122

Model: SKA2122

The SKA2122 utilises the same undercarrage as the SK2122 but is fitted with a world leading air seed metering system This class leading contractor drill incorporates all of the best features of the SK223 but with the added innovations of the SK2122 to mak

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