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Bucket Turnover Kit (80 Series)

Model: BTK80

Our new harvesters are using more positive bucket turnover systems

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Catcher Plate Kit (All Models)

Model: CKP

Smoother rounded edges are much gentler on vines. The raised lip allows the plates to slide more freely (less frictional area) to the closed position

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Fan Rotor Upgrade (All Models)

Model: FRU

New fan rotors with curved tip blades have proved at least 10% more efficient over our old design

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Fan Upgrade Kit (All Models)

Model: FK

Much development has been directed towards fan improvements

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New Patented Nairn Bow Rods (All Models)

Model: BR

Offer improved harvesting performance with less hooking of vineyard posts, reduced leaf removed and reduced shadowing around the post.

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Picking Modules

Model: PM

To fit CR, Howards, UR and many other makes of harvester. Easy to mount and operate, providing a significant increase in quality and performance.

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Power Assist Wheel Drive (for 80 Series Harvesters)

Model: PAWD80

One-wheel or two-wheel kits are available to improve handling and safety on hills or in sandy/muddy conditions.

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Rotary Cleaning Brushes (for 80 Series Harvesters)

Model: RCB80

Remove MOG from buckets before they reach the cleaning fans, improving MPG removal and cane problems.

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Shaker Head Upgrade (80 Series)

Model: SH80

Extensive development and testing has confirmed that by shaking the vine back and forth at high frequency

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Top-Mounted Dual Controls

Model: TMDC

Available for controlling the boom conveyor. Ideal in taller canopies and with lower vineyards tractors where the gondola is out of the operator's view.

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