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The Reese disc mower range is the only disc mower specifically engineered to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of New Zealand and Australian conditions. We at Reese have more than 35 years experience in building mowers for (what is considered by mower manufacturers around the world to be) possibly the most demanding operating environment anywhere.

We start with a world renowned cutter bar, naturally one which has individually top serviceable disc units. We not only add substantial reinforcement along the rear of the bar but we add a heavy duty overhead beam over the full length in order to fully support and hold the outside end rigid.

The fully adjustable rotary swath board is a breeze to adjust and turns on heavy sealed bearings for long life.
The bar cover is hinged from both front and rear affording excellent access for blade change and service with ease.

The headstock is simply strong, strong, strong. Our designers have ensured that anywhere most others eventually fail, Reese have extra strength built in. This extra strength extends to areas such as pivot pins where others typically fail in time.

Our expertise with belt drives is utilised with the Reese Disc Mower range. Inside the heavy “no rust” moulded easy access belt covers, are 4 high traction ‘V’ belts over heavy cast steel pulleys rather than aluminium. This better aids heat dissipation which as everyone knows, is a belt’s worst enemy.

In work, the cutter bar has parallel lift ability to better assist crop clearance during headland turns etc.

Best of all, the Reese Disc Mower range has no need for a stand when removing the machine. It is simply free standing. All of you, that have struggled to fit a normal machine onto the tractor linkage, know what we mean. Simply move the fully floating headstock to the required position with one hand while slipping the lower linkage arm into place.

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RD2400 Disc Mower

Model: RD2400

6 Disc mower 2.4m cut

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RD2800 Disc Mower

Model: RD2800

7 Disc mower 2.8m cut

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RD3200 Disc Mower

Model: RD3200

8 Disc mower 3.2m cut

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