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Seedking SK223 Professional

Model: SK223

The SK223 is New Zealands most favoured contractor drill. Standard features include electro-hydraulic depth control, hillside stabiliser wheels, metering wheel brake, Aitchisons unique seed, feed mechanism, dual roller fertiliser/seed feed system, trash shields, road lighting system, full stainless steel fertiliser box, electronic hectare/acre meter and treadboards.

  • The SK223 will sow seeds under most conditions.
  • The only drill available that has the ability to transfer the drill weight - forward to increase penetration into hard soils and back to alleviate deeper penetration into softer soils.
  • Unique electro-hydraulic depth control mechanism.
  • 135mm row spacing for decreased seed competition and maximum cover.
  • Single disc openers have castor and camber to allow for a better cut and
    "drive". This method of seeding requires less horsepower and creates less compaction to soil around the seedbed. The following heavy cast press wheels (amount of weight is controlled by the operator) then roll/fold the soil back into the seed groove to cover the seed, thereby providing superior seed to soil contact. This tends to promote rapid germination and seedling emergence, along with helping to retain ground moisture and reducing pasture damage.

Anecdotal evidence/testimonials from numerous contractors (most very familiar with different opener systems) suggests that this method of seeding results in seed emergence up to 50% faster than other systems. 

  • The single disc openers and press wheels are mounted onto sprung drag arms, which offer great ground following ability.
  • The Aitchisons sponge seed feed system is able to handle all seeds, large or small. Easy to clean - simply pull back the sponge to allow any remaining seed to drop clear. Gentle on seeds - no crackage
  • Very accurate, infinitely variable "gearbox" allows for sowing rates as low as 1kg/ha and up to 350kg/ha (0.9lb/acre and up to 311lb/acre) with single lever operation. Coefficent of variation of +/- 5%. Higher seeding rates can be achieved if the optional "bean spacers" are fitted.
  • Easy to calibrate via full width calibration trays. Pea baffles are standard.
  • Unique roller fertiliser system handles all fertilisers including damp product. In addition it is able to sow seeds such as rye grasses down to 8kg/ha (7.1 lbs/acre). For example, you could put clover through the seed box at a low rate and rye through the fertiliser box. This all adds up to extreme versatility, whichever way you look at it. The fertiliser distribution system uses exactly the same gearbox system as the Seedbox so it is infinitely variable. The fertiliser box is stainless steel as standard.
  • Seeding width is only slightly less than the overall width, ideal for good coverage.
  • High quality tapered roller bearings used throughout - fully enclosed and greasable. Special disc hub design prevents dirt ingress into bearings and thus vastly increases service life.
  • Brake on metering wheel which immediately stops the seed and fertiliser feeding mechanisms when the machine is lifted out of work at headlands etc.

Hillside stabiliser wheels are standard. These perform two functions;
a) reduce chassis movement during high speed seeding, as all ground engaging tools are sprung and
b) maintains uniform seeding depth on hillsides as they halt weight transfer to the "downside".

Fertiliser Hopper Capacity 450 ltr
Overall Depth 4.40m
Overall Width 3.20m
Row Widths 135mm
Seed Hopper Capacity 450 ltr
Sowing Width 3.0m
Tyre Size 60x15.5"/400
Weight Empty 2625kg



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Seedking SK2122 (4,572kb)
Seedking SKA2122 (4,352kb)

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